Are you interested in single-molecule biophysics, acoustofluidics and/or 2D materials nanodevices? We are looking for talented and motivated experimentalists to join our team.

For questions regarding applications or to discuss possible projects in more detail please contact Sabina Caneva by email  [s.l.caneva(at)].

PhD Students

One funded PhD vacancy on acoustofluidics/nanotechnology will be advertised soon


Postdoc position on Biophysics of DNA origami nanoactuators (2 years)

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher with an interest in cross-disciplinary research to join our BioNEMS lab at TU Delft. The 2-year position involves the design, characterization and integration of DNA origami nanoactuators as smart, programmable nanopores for controlled biomolecule transport across cell membranes.

Apply here

Interested BEP and MEP students are welcome to contact us to discuss possible projects. Below are some of the current topics in our lab.

  • Nanopore sculpting using a femtosecond laser

  • Surface acoustic waves (SAW) devices for nanopore sensing applications

  • Nanofabrication and characterization of 2D material nanostructures for bio-optics

  • Design and transport measurements with programmable DNA origami nanostructures

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Machinery in a Physics Lab
Scientist in the Lab

Bachelor and Master students