Are you interested in single-molecule biophysics, acoustofluidics and/or 2D materials nanodevices? We are looking for talented and motivated experimentalists to join our team.

For questions regarding applications or to discuss possible projects in more detail please contact Sabina Caneva by email  [s.l.caneva(at)].

PhD Students

PhD position on Biophysics of DNA origami nanoactuators

In this project you will develop the first mechanically-adaptable nanopores for size-selective biomolecule transport by uniquely combining DNA origami nanotechnology, machine-inspired design and synthetic biology. You will answer fundamental biophysics questions regarding the 1) dynamics of programmable conformational changes, 2) the force balance at the membrane/nanopore interface and 3) the design of fast and reversible trigger mechanisms. You will use a range of techniques including nanopore measurements, fast-scan AFM and optical tweezers to characterize the dynamics and mechanics of the nanostructures. This highly interdisciplinary project is a collaboration between the Precision of Micro and Nanosystems Department and the Bionanoscience Department at TU Delft.

We are looking for candidates that meet the following criteria:

  • MSc degree in physics, biophysics or biochemistry

  • Prior experience with nanopore measurements, single-molecule imaging, DNA origami nanotechnology or synthetic biology is highly desirable

  • Creative, open-minded and proactive

  • Excellent experimental and analytical skills

  • Good team player and independent researcher

  • Good English communication and writing skills

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Prospective postdoctoral applicants with a background in (bio)physics or nanoscience are invited to contact us by email, including a CV and a cover letter, and consider applying for one of the following fellowships:

Bachelor and Master students

  • Nanopore sculpting using a femtosecond laser

  • Surface acoustic waves (SAW) devices for nanopore sensing applications

  • Nanofabrication and characterization of 2D material nanostructures for bio-optics

  • Design and transport measurements with programmable DNA origami nanostructures

Interested BEP and MEP students are welcome to contact us to discuss possible projects. Below are some of the current topics in our lab.

Electronic Chip
Machinery in a Physics Lab
Scientist in the Lab