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Are you interested in single-molecule biophysics, acoustofluidics and/or 2D materials nanodevices? We are looking for talented and motivated experimentalists to join our team.

For questions regarding applications or to discuss possible projects in more detail please contact Sabina Caneva by email  [s.caneva(at)].

PhD Students


We currently do not have funded PhD positions.


We have an open position for a 1.5 year postdoc on the ERC project SIMPHONICS focused on Single-molecule biophysics at 2D material interfaces

Bachelor and Master students

Interested BEP and MEP students are welcome to contact us to discuss possible projects. Below are some of the current topics in our lab.

  • Engineering 2D material nanoprobes as ultrasensitive biomolecule detectors

  • Surface acoustic waves (SAW) devices for on chip transport of single molecules

  • Engineering programmable DNA origami nanoactuators for size selective biosensing

  • Acoustic transport in SAW devices with suspended 2D membranes

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Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 19.08.58.png
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