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Are you interested in single-molecule biophysics, acoustofluidics and/or 2D materials nanodevices? We are looking for talented and motivated experimentalists to join our team.

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PhD students

PhD position on developing methods for imaging and sensing dynamic phenomena in soft and bioinspired matter (4 years)

Apply via this link:



Postdoc position - Single-molecule biophysics at 2D material interfaces (1.5 years, ERC funding)

In this interdisciplinary project you will combine cutting-edge nanofabrication techniques, 2D materials nanomechanics and nanophotonics, and fluorescence imaging to innovate single-molecule detection platforms. You will have the opportunity to develop new fundamental insights into light-matter interactions at the nanoscale for application in next-generation protein fingerprinting.


Bachelor and Master Thesis projects

We welcome motivated students who want to work at the interface of nanotechnology and biophysics. Current available projects are listed below:

  • Engineering 2D material nanoprobes as ultrasensitive biomolecule detectors

  • Surface acoustic waves (SAW) devices for on chip transport of single molecules

  • Engineering programmable DNA origami nanoactuators for size selective biosensing

  • Acoustic transport in SAW devices with suspended 2D membranes

If you are interested, please contact Sabina Caneva.

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