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Sabina Caneva

Dong Hoon Shin

Inge van der Knijff

Assistant Professor

Delft Technology Fellow



Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow

Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft

PhD in Engineering

University of Cambridge

MEng and BSc in Materials Science

Oxford University

Guest researcher (PhD student)

in collaboration with Rizk lab



Project: Scanning acoustic force microscopy

MSc in Applied Physics, TU Delft

BSc in Applied Physics, TU Delft

Guest Researcher (postdoc)

in collaboration with Steeneken and Joo labs


PhD in Materials Science

Ewha Womans University


Demetris Marangis

Master student

Project: Dynamics of DNA origami nanoactuators

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Jichao (Shawn) Shan

Master student

Project: Femtosecond laser milling of solid state nanopores

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Mareen Rings

Bachelor student

Amber Vervloet foto.JPG

Amber Vervloet

Project: Photophysics of hBN quantum emitters

Master student



Trey Cranney

Master student


Project: Acoustofluidics devices for on-chip single-molecule transport

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Xiliang Yang

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PhD student

CSC Scholarship

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Cedric Ponson

Bachelor student

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Arland Sidoel

Bachelor student


2021    Cynrik Beyer (Bachelor End Project)

2021    Inge van der Knijff (Masters thesis)

2020    Pim van den Brandeler (Bachelor End Project)