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Meet The Team


2024    Dong Hoon Shin (postdoc, now associate professor at Korea University)

2023    Evi Kesapidou (Masters thesis)

2023    Maurits Wassenaar (Masters thesis)

2023    Yue Sun (Masters thesis)

2023    Mireia Flores Cervello (Masters thesis)

2022    Demetris Marangis (Masters thesis)

2022    Jichao Shan (Masters thesis)

2022    Trey Cranney (Masters thesis)

2022    Amber Vervloet (Masters thesis)

2022    Mareen Rings (Bachelor End Project)

2022    Arland Sidoel (Bachelor End Project)

2022    Cedric Ponson (Bachelor End Project)

2021    Cynrik Beyer (Bachelor End Project)

2021    Inge van der Knijff (Masters thesis)

2020    Pim van den Brandeler (Bachelor End Project)

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