Sabina Caneva

Assistant Professor

Delft Technology Fellow

2016-2020  Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow

                    Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft

2012-2016  PhD in Engineering

                    University of Cambridge

2008-2012  MEng in Materials Science (Undergraduate Masters degree)

                    Oxford University

Felix Wehrmann

PhD student (per November 2020)


Felix Wehrmann will join the Caneva lab as a PhD student to work on the acoustic actuation of force-sensitive protein nanopores. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from FH Aachen Departement Jülich and is currently finishing his master’s degree in Medical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart with a master’s thesis about the mechanical stimulation of neurons via hydrogels at the Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials.

Inge van der Knijff

Master student


My name is Inge van der Knijff and I am working on the design of a surface acoustic wave device to pattern submicron particles and biomolecules at the surface of nanopore chips. As a student in the master Applied Physics programme I am excited to use my knowledge of mesoscopic and solid state physics for the development of a novel nanomechanical device.

Pim van den Brandeler

Bachelor student


I am Pim van den Brandeler and as a part of my bachelor in Applied Physics, I am going to do a project that on focuses on using graphene as a lipid bilayer diffusion barrier. The work involves AFM, Raman spectroscopy, and electrical measurements. With this research I aim to better understand the interaction between 2D materials and biological membranes. In future this could allow us to confine and manipulate biomolecules for medical and scientific applications.

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